Starfangled Press

Terms of Service

  1. Sales Tax is collected on all NC orders.

  2. Items will be shipped in 1-7 business days via the United States Postal Service (USPS) first class mail.  

  3. At this time we do not ship internationally, but are working on a fair and reasonable policy.

  4. Small prints are shipped flat, sealed in a waterproof bag and secured between rigid cardboard sheets in a stiff envelope.

  5. Large scale prints are shipped in a heavy-duty cardboard mailing tube sealed in waterproof bags and protected on both tube ends with bubble wrap cushions. 

  6. A shipping confirmation and tracking number will be sent via email when your order has shipped.

  7. All prints and printed objects at Starfangled Press are hand-printed and crafted from start to finish by Kristen Necessary and friends. The individual name of the Artist, Author, and Printer for each item is recorded in the item description.

  8. Starfangled Press primarily creates original prints using traditional printmaking techniques such as etching, woodcut, linocut, letterpress and screen printing. Unlike a reproduction, an original print is created by an artist as an original artwork in its own right.

  9. All prints and printed objects created at Starfangled Press feature original artwork and designs, printed by hand from a plate, block, or screen on which the artist has directly worked and are exclusive to Starfangled Press.

  10. Owing to the traditional handcrafted printmaking processes used, each print is unique and may exhibit some slight degree of variation.